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Self Publishing With Confidence

Mystery writer Jill Paterson has published an excellent Self Publishing Pocket Guide to help those who want  to self publish their books rather than use a traditional publisher. It is written in a concise step by step format to help anyone with the entire process including formatting the manuscript.

This guide includes information on all aspects including deciding on a cover and book blurb to decisions on price, ISBN, and choice of categories. It also includes helpful web site links plus marketing and author platform ideas to enable you to start your self publishing journey with confidence.


Jill Paterson was born in Yorkshire, UK, and grew up in Adelaide, South Australia before spending 11 years in Ontario, Canada. After returning to Australia, she settled in Canberra.
After doing an arts degree at the Australian National University, she worked at the Australian National University's School of Law before spending the next 10 years with the Business Council of Australia and the University of NSW, ADFA Campus, in the School of Electrical Engineering.
Jill is the author of three published novels besides the Self Publishing Guide. They are The  Celtic Dagger, Murder At The Rocks and Once Upon A Lie. All are part of the Fitzjohn Mystery Series.  They can be found on Amazon.



Historic Fort Sam Houston

Fort Sam Houston originated in 1845 when the Post at San Antonio was established in the Alamo City.
After the Civil War, the Army began to move out of the city onto land donated by the City of San Antonio. In 1876, the construction of the Quadrangle began and the Quartermaster Depot moved into it in 1877. The garrison moved into tents west of the Quadrangle in 1879 and the Headquarters moved in 1881. The Post at San Antonio continued to expand with the addition of the Infantry Post in the 1880s. It was designated as Fort Sam Houston in 1890 and expanded again in 1905 with the Cavalry and Light Artillery Post. These areas, plus the New Post of the 1930s, constitute the largest collection of historic buildings in the Department of Defense (800+) and form the Fort Sam Houston National Historic Landmark.

Located in the heart of San Antonio, the post is the birthplace of military aviation and saw the development of the concept of airborne operations. The post evolved into the “Home of Army Medicine” after World War II and into the “Home of Military Medicine” with the establishment of the Medical Education and Training Campus in 2010. 
I love old post cards!
Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) is the Flagship of Army Medicine! BAMC is the command, comprised of ten separate organizations, that provides inpatient care, outpatient care, advanced rehabilitative services and troop leadership.
Original BAMC
Many of our wounded warriors are brought
here to rehab and recuperate. The burn center
is second to none.
BAMC today
Yes, the "infamous" Geronimo was at Ft Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas in 1886.    He stayed in a tent in the Quadrangle. Today there are deer,  peacocks, geese and dove ...What a peaceful and serene setting with a remarkable history.
When my grandchildren were young they loved for me to take them to the Quadrangle to feed the peacocks, geese, and deer that would walk right up to them looking for a handout.
Well fed deer resting around the old watch tower

From some of the story's I've heard about the infamous legend...It wouldn't surprise me.

Geronimo and other Native American POW's at Fort Sam Houston in 1886..the Apache War Chief remained a POW for 27 years until his death.

Geronimo 1829-1909
  In 1905 Geronimo  published his autobiography, and that same year he received a private audience with President Theodore Roosevelt, unsuccessfully pressing the American leader to let his people return to Arizona. He was never allowed to return to his homeland and in the end regretted surrendering, wishing he had fought to the death.

The Post Chapel
Edge of parade field
Fort Sam Theatre
More Barracks
The row of historic Officer's homes is quite impressive.
The Grandkids also loved the war machines on display.
 Another old post card.
Before 9/11, a city street ran through the center of the post. Within a day or two after the attack, the street was barricaded and remains so to this day.

Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery on Memorial Day

I lived within a half block of Fort Sam for seven years and occasionally late in the evening
I would hear the eerie sound of Taps being played on a bugle...slow, clear, and beautifully. I never knew why or who it was for but a wave of sadness always accompanied it.


Happy Holidays From San Antonio Texas!

Every year, the day after Thanksgiving, San Antonio hosts it's annual tree lighting in Alamo Plaza and has it's annual Holiday River Parade. This year the huge tree is trimmed in red, white, and blue lights to honor our military. 

Photos of past Holiday Seasons below:

Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful
Holiday Season!