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My Summer Deck "Pot" Garden

I do love flowers and each Spring I get the "fever" to fill all my empty pots on the deck with new annuals. I can't do much in the yard because I have a "digger" dog who will plow up anything I try to plant in the flower beds so I have to stick to the pots I keep up high enough he can't bother them. This is this years efforts.
Deep Pink Wave Petunias
Lavender Foxglove
                The "digger" dog surveying HIS territory from HIS picnic bench.
                                       Snoop has "pruned" the lower branches but the ones
                                           he can't reach on the Rose Of Sharon are nice.
                                                                Golden Marigolds
              I grow the gladiolas in the front yard where
  Snoop can't get to them.
                                                                   Red Impatiens
                                                                     Red Begonias
                                                                Pink Begonias
Coral Pink Miniature Roses
                                                           Red Orange Geraniums
                                                                    Hot Pink Vinca
Red Orange Double Hibiscus
           The Chili Peppers Are Huge
The Mammoth Jalapenos Are Quite Prolific Too
Red Luna Hibiscus
My Favorite Of All My Plants...The Muy Grande  Hot Pink Luna
           Dinner Plate Size Hibiscus I've Had For Eight Years.
It's Actually A Perennial That Freezes And Comes Back Bigger
               The Next Year. This Is The First Bloom This Year But
It's Loaded With Buds. It's About Six Feet Tall
And Five Feet Wide This Summer.
I Call This My "Coffee Perch" View. It's What I See Every Morning From The
Covered Part Of The Deck I Sit Under To Drink My Coffee. 45 Pots Of Pretty Blossoms
And The Neighbors Beautiful Overhanging Pink Crepe Myrtles.