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Fascinating Proof Timing & Coincidence Can Be Amazing

It's all about being in the right place at the right second with the right camera pointed in the right direction.

What A Beautiful Mast!
Wings On Sideways
A Crystal Moon Ball?
A Mouthful
Fowl Intruder
Keep Flying High
Is that a "pot" of gold?
Hard Water?
Waving A Rainbow Bye Bye
Blast off!
My racks heavy
Huffin & Puffin
Gee...that tickles.
Spooky Firelady
Oh Yes! I can see much better.
How do I get out of this bubble?
I finally found my mate!
Sorry...the other ear just flops.
See...I can keep up and make a vapor trail.

It's called "Perfect Timing."


Some Of The Worlds Oldest Trees

This Spruce below is thought to be the worlds oldest tree at about 9,500 years old in Sweden. It isn't as impressive looking as the others that are "only" 4,000 or 5,000+ years old but it boggles my mind to think anything on 
earth has survived that long.

Mother Nature is marvelous.