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Some Of The Worlds Oldest Trees

This Spruce below is thought to be the worlds oldest tree at about 9,500 years old in Sweden. It isn't as impressive looking as the others that are "only" 4,000 or 5,000+ years old but it boggles my mind to think anything on 
earth has survived that long.

Mother Nature is marvelous.


oneperson said...

Oh my goodness!

Thank you for sharing this Anna!

That's amazing about that spruce. <3

I recently shared about a time last January when I prayed to a Grandfather Spruce on a mountainside. I do not really know his age or gender, but to me, he was grandfatherly.

I may get around to writing about the Pines in my back yard, and something they taught me this past year.

Stephanie Faris said...

Whoa!!! That's one unique collection of trees!

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Carol and Stephanie. It's always been amazing to me how many variety's of trees there are and why some live so much longer than others. For many years I keeping checking our trees this time of year to see if buds are beginning to form that would indicate spring is getting closer. I checked our fruitless pear trees yesterday and yes, buds are popping out. Hooray! Supposedly the pecan trees are the smartest and latest to bud, always knowing not to until for sure all frost has past. Mine had no indication of buds yet.

DMS said...

So many beautiful pictures. I love trees. Each one is so unique and different. I am amazed by the age of trees that have been on this planet for thousands of years. Love this post!!!

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Jess...I never tire of looking at the Redwoods or Sequoias either, they are such magnificent giants that have also been here thousands of years. Mother Nature is truly amazing.