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A Good Laugh Is Worth A Thousand Words...

...when you are feeling blog blocked.

Trying to think up something new to blog about every week can be a challenge when nothing comes to mind, so thought I would share with you a few photos sent by a friend who likes to cheer folks up with fun. I may leave these up for a few weeks until I can think of something more interesting to blog about. I do appreciate your visits! Cheers!




"Confessions That Enlighten"

I'm not sure if my confessions "enlighten" as much as they puzzle some folks.
I have never much marketed my book and am not sure if that's because after I wrote it and the memoir was published, I was embarrassed to suggest anyone read it. No one was any more surprised than I was that the first publisher who read the manuscript thought it was worthy enough to publish. I do love the name of my publisher, All Things That Matter Press. They do publish a wide variety of books on a variety of subjects that matter to authors and readers alike. 

It might have been easier if I had acted "proper" all my life, but that was not the way it was. My Daddy called me "the crazy fox" when I was very young because I would go to extremes to not have to accept what my older brother expected me obey him because he was the oldest, and male,  and therefore had to always know better than I did. That I never accepted if I didn't agree with him, not for over 70 years. I am who I have always been and I blatantly confessed that in my book...that I was a sinner...but only sometimes. Brother acted like  I was all the time and he was a reliable "saint." Well I knew better. The good and the bad make up ones life and not to have written it that way would have been dishonest. 

Honesty is something that has always been important to me, no matter how much trouble it got me into...and it did quite a few times. My Dad instilled the importance of truth in me and I know he wouldn't have been shocked at how honest I wrote it.

For lack of anything else I could think of this week to blog about, I thought I would share the latest review author Grace Peterson wrote on Amazon. I do appreciate her honesty.

5.0 out of 5 stars Confessions that EnlightenAugust 5, 2013

"Anna Maria Kolojaco was Texas born and raised. A loving, traditional family and sense of community surrounded little Anna and her older brother Jimmy. Even as a child, Anna was a deep thinker with a personality that rarely took things at face value, undoubtedly a result of the inherited DNA of a clairvoyant great-grandmother and helped along by a favorite cousin who possessed the same gift. Perhaps it was her "seeing," converging with her defiance that caused a mighty clash with those who instructed her to believe "on faith" the Church's cumbersome, esoteric doctrines. Eventually Anna would eschew those teachings altogether, seeking her own spiritual truths.

Young Anna's aspirations were simple enough. She wanted a traditional life of marriage and family, similar to what her loving parents had provided for her. She married her high school sweetheart, Gus Mullins, at 17 but sadly life would be a far cry from what she had imagined.

Anna's fascinating book is part memoir, part essay. She genuinely narrates her life's twists and turns while seamlessly expounding on how those events influenced her inner world. Ultimately her book strives to set the record straight by shedding light on a plethora of darkened family secrets. CONFESSIONS OF A CRAZY FOX was a delight to read and I found myself agreeing with many of Anna's conclusions about life."

There were a number of reasons that inspired me to write my life story, but mostly it was because I wanted to document for all time what wonderful parents and
 grandparents I was blessed with.


A Dog's Life....

...Is Pretty Darn Good At Our House.

Baby Snoop 

They will need a bigger bed after we quit crating
 Snoop at night.

You mean you didn't plant all those plants for me to dig up?
 The "house" rule is, no dogs on the furniture or beds.  It's a totally useless law since the rule maker disregards it.
 No one around here obeys dog rules...especially the dogs.
 I am the biggest so I'm supposed to be the boss.
I look like the boss.
Snoop pays Oaklie no 'Boss' attention except to aggravate her. 
 I insist on being the boss cause I'm so cute!

Sox implied, "You know if you leave Oaklie alone she is going
to make a mess." That time it was a bag of 
plastic bags to be recycled. 
 The first boss we lost last year we loved for over 14 years, Sox.
Sox obviously didn't think we needed to get a "replacement" dog to aggravate her in her old age. 
Oaklie is getting payback now from Snoop.

Pets become family members and no matter how
much they aggravate gotta love them. These boxers are spoiled rotten by all of us but repay in 
many ways with their loyal devotion.