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Texas Spring Inspirations

I have taken some time off from blogging due to lack of inspiration but I have been taking a few photos of Spring scenes I favor after the long cold winter...some of them with a zoom from my morning perch on the deck for coffee. I always decorate the deck with my favorite annuals and spread seed and provide water for the birds and squirrels I love to watch...and photograph.
 A few weeks ago the bluebonnets were in full bloom along the highways.
 I never get tired of looking at Texas wildflowers in the Spring.
 The sparrows are the most skitzy of the deck birds but they eventually get used to me.
Dusk before the "blood" moon that fully eclipsed at 2:00 am.
It was pretty but I couldn't hold the camera steady directly
 over my head in my P.J.'s.
The best I could do that chilly night was a bouncing "blood" moon
and  a "streaking" star.
I've seen this little chameleon a number of times sitting on my plants waiting for bugs and it's a puzzle. I've had lots of chameleons on the deck but this is the first one
I've ever seen with spots down his back.
I know he's a chameleon because he changes colors depending on where he's hanging out. I'm wondering if it's Mom got mixed up with one of those big spotted lizards
that hang out in the front flowerbeds...hum.
A "normal" solid color chameleon...the mother maybe?
 What's that fool mate of mine doing this time?
Getting high on Comino seeds again?
Awwww Mabel!
The Whitewings rule the deck. They can chase off anything except the dogs.
Snoop & Oaklie rule the backyard.
The squirrels will chatter at me if I let their water bells get empty. 
 They chatter at the dogs too and I'm sure it goes something
 like ($%*+#@*! dogs... always chasing us up and down the fence!
get over my blog block by the Fall.