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Are You Old Enough To Remember These?

(Sorry I accidently published the blog I was working on for next week and reverted it back to a draft. I do hope you return for the next Revelation.)
Burma-Shave sign series first appeared in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1925, and remained a major advertising component until 1963 in most of the contiguous United States. Typically, six consecutive small signs would be posted along the edge of highways, spaced for sequential reading by passing motorists. The last sign was almost always the name of the product.
I remember in the 1940's and 50's always looking forward to Daddy reading the signs to us as he drove past them because they always tickled him and us too the way he read them. They were posted, sometimes on fence posts, on major roads as well as rural ones. I wonder how many other drivers ran off the road paying more attention to the signs than driving.
Violets are blue
Roses are pink
On graves
Of those
Who drive and drink
Kiss you
Like she useter?
Perhaps she's seen
A smoother rooster!!

Train wrecks few
Reason clear
Never hugs


The whale
Put Jonah
Down the hatch
But coughed him up
Because he scratched


To kiss
A mug
That's like a cactus
Takes more nerve
Than it does practice


If your peach
Keeps out
Of reach
Better practice
What we preach


A whiskery kiss
For the one
You adore
May not make her mad
But her face will be sore


These signs
We gladly
To men who've had
No date of late


On curves ahead
Remember, sonny
That rabbit's foot
Didn't save
The bunny


His cheek
Was rough
His chick vamoosed
And now she won't
Come home to roost
Ah...the good old days when everything was much simpler...including roadside commercials!


Where Else But Texas?

Well...maybe 150 years.

Now which way do I want to go?
We have a lot of nothing in West Texas.
I'm not sure which Idiot Texas President they are referring to.
And where are those indicators?

The back door is in the front?
We have a lot of these warning signs and yet trucks
 still get stuck in bridges.
Fill up everything.

I pass this sign quite often on I10 and I haven't heard her yet.

As opposed to not so sudden gunfire on the highway?
We accommodate all drivers.

I thought my hometown was God's country!

Nothing in common with the real Paris.
Just in case a Harley driver reads road signs.

Surprise!...another speeding 18 wheeler has jackknifed in front of you.

How deep?
That's sure a lot of prisons.
I don't think you can get there from here.
What? I thought shooting road signs was every Texas teenagers right of passage.
Just don't go 75 or you will instigate road rage.
Lots of deer in Texas.
Obviously lots of heavy drinkers in Texas also.
Einee Meeny Miney Moe...which way do I want to go?
For the horseback riders I suppose
They are bigger than your SUV
Feeling like a short drive or a long one?
Tumbleweed hitchhikers.
You better behave on Texas roads.


Craving Lemons

Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning has been a popular trend for years. It’s been touted as rejuvenating your skin, boosting metabolism, fighting off viruses, and more — but is it really so absolutely, incredibly, fantastically beneficial and life-changing?

When you first wake up, pour a glass of filtered, room temperature water. Water that is too hot or ice-cold requires more energy for your body to process, so it’s best to slowly wake up your body with warm water. Squeeze juice from a lemon into your water. (If you are under 150 pounds, use half a lemon. If you are over 150 pounds, use a whole one.) Drink it fairly quickly, and wait at least a half hour before eating to reap the most benefits.

What are the benefits?

1. Rejuvenates Your Skin: Lemons have loads of vitamin C, which assists in the production of collagen, helps in the prevention of wrinkles, and defends your skin against free-radical damage. Water also helps carry nutrients to your cells, so staying properly hydrated is important!
2. Boosts Energy & Alertness: The potassium in lemon helps with brain and nerve function, which can increase your alertness. Plus, according to Natural Health Magazine, scientists found that just a whiff of lemon can boost your feel-good hormones and reduce stress levels. Drinking water also helps in this arena, as dehydration can drain your body’s energy and make you feel sluggish.
3. Hydrates Your Body: When your body is dehydrated, it holds on to fat cells, and dehydration can also make make you feel hungry. Staying hydrated is crucial for your overall body health, so starting your day with a glass of water is a no-brainer. Plus, the lemon gives it a flavor boost.
4. Helps Your Immune System: The ascorbic acid (vitamin C) found in lemons is necessary for healing wounds. Lemon water is also touted as helping break up phlegm during a cold and soothing sore throats. Drinking water during illness is crucial, as your body’s defenses are working overtime to fight off sickness.
5. Eliminates Toxins: The liver responds to fresh lemon juice more than any other food source because it amps up its enzyme production. This boosts the liver’s efficiency in secreting bile for digestion and releasing toxins. Lemon juice is known as being a diuretic, which means it helps your kidneys eliminate water and some toxins by increasing the frequency of urination. This could potentially help people who suffer from UTI’s.
6. Could Aid In Weight loss: In addition to helping regulate your metabolism, lemons also contain pectin fiber. This fiber makes you feel full, and therefore can help stave off hunger and prevent cravings. Drinking plenty of water also contributes to this full feeling. By combining two natural ingredients, lemon and water, you’re already starting your day on a healthy note — and this can lead to better eating habits throughout the day.
7. Improves Digestion: The acidity of lemons stimulates your digestive system and liver. This can help regulate your metabolism and bowel movements, thus helping your body absorb nutrients — and potentially leading to weight loss.
What Are The Drawbacks?
Citrus erodes enamel.
* Brush your teeth before your lemony beverage, or wait an hour. Acid softens enamel, so brushing too soon after consuming acidic foods and drink can aid in erosion.
* Rinse your mouth out with purified water after you drink the lemon water.
* Drink through a straw and be sure not to swish the lemon water around in your mouth.
* Drink the lemon water within a few minutes, rather than sipping on it all morning.
Too much acidity can cause heartburn. If you’re prone to heartburn, a dose of zingy citrus in the morning may not be your best route. Discuss it with your doctor.
So Is It Worth It?

Water and lemon are easily accessible and cheap, and that has contributed to its popularity. Besides helping you stay hydrated, lemon water’s star component is vitamin C, which can also be found in high amounts in other fruits and vegetables, like citrus fruits, green vegetables, and peppers. So while lemon water may not be a miracle-worker, it can certainly help you lead a healthy, energized lifestyle.
I have seen several of these "lemon" articles lately and they made me wonder back to the 1950's when I was pregnant with my first child. That is the only pregnancy I ever "irrationally" craved anything and it was lemons. I'm sure I ate way over a bushel and if I ran out, I would make a special trip to the grocery store to get more. I asked my O.B. about it and he claimed it wouldn't hurt the baby and it didn't, he was born very healthy and still is.
 I still always order lemon with my water in restaurants but that's because it helps disguise the taste of "strange" water.