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Retirement Community Calendar

A German Retirement Community Did A Calendar Where

Seniors Amazingly Re-Created Famous Movie Scenes

The Contilia Retirement Group in Essen, Germany,

made what is probably the best calendar ever

with a few of their seniors.

James Bond
Wilhelm Buiting, 89

                                                                        Breakfast at Tiffany’s
                                                                      Marianne Brunsbach, 86

  According to German press, 5000 calendars were printed. 

                                                      Erna Rütt, 86, and Alfred Kelbch, 81
                                                               Erwin J. von der Heiden, 80
 And they were given out to residents
of the senior center,
along with relatives and staff.
                                                                               Mary Poppins
                                                                                         Erna Schenk, 78
                                                                 The Seven Year Itch                                           
                                                      Ingeborg Giolbass, 84, and Erich Endlein, 88
              Blues Brothers                                
                                       Lothar Wischnewski (left), 76, and Margarete Schmidt, 77
Martha Bajohr, 77
The calendar models were interviewed about
the project and said it was a ton of fun to
dress up as their favorite actors.
Joanna Trachenberg, 81, and Horst Krischat, 78
Saturday Night Fever
Irmgard Alt, 79, und Siegfried Gallasch, 87
The oldest senior involved with the calendar
 was 98 years old!
Dirty Dancing
Johann Liedtke, 92 und Marianne Pape, 79
 The shoot was done with professional stylists and
photographers to make sure everything
looked as cool as possible.
Easy Rider
Walter Loeser (left), 98, und Kurt Neuhaus, 90
And once again it's proven you are
never too old to have fun.



SMART Technology Is Driving Grandma CRAZY!

Well maybe I should say..."CRAZIER!"

I finally got my estrogen problem straightened out to my satisfaction and was feeling pretty good about that snafu when my printer and USB camera cable decided to go on the fritz at almost the same time. That meant I had no way of downloading my latest photos to print. I have become quite the amateur photographer loving to save precious memories of my grandkids and their pets.

I bought a nice Nikon last year and have really enjoyed it but found out the USB cable it comes with is a piece of crap. I looked it up and read reviews and probably would not have bought the camera if I knew I was going to have trouble with the cable. I read several reviews about it and they were not good, most of them were not as kind as I'm trying to be. :).

When the cable first went out I ignored it because my Kodak printer allowed me to put the memory card in it and download photos that way and I did...until the cartridge carrier jammed and I broke it trying to get it unjammed. I know they cost as much to repair as a new one so I went looking for  a new printer at a large electronic chain store yesterday. Found out Kodak went out of business which made me kind of sad. When I was a kid that was the only brand of camera anyone I knew owned. Guess new SMART technology and copy-catters took their toll on them.

I told the clerk I mostly printed photos and he suggested an HP Photosmart that seemed to have all the functions I needed and a few I didn't. It did have a slot for a memory card I assumed worked like my Kodak had...put the photos directly into my picture file so I could edit or crop them before I printed them.

 I was so wrong! After I brought it home and installed it, I found that memory card slot would only allow you to send them to Snapfish online. No...I do not want to publish my grandkids photos online!

I was back at the electronics store when they opened this morning to find out if maybe I just couldn't figure it out, or to trade it in for a printer that does what I want it to do. Low and behold...I find out they don't make anything but "wireless" printers anymore that don't allow you to use a memory card to download photos to your computer. They want you to keep everything on the memory card and edit on that tiny little screen and print directly from it...and I suppose if you lose that over loaded tiny memory card you must be sheet out of luck..not to mention how much time you would have to spend looking though that tiny screen for a  photo you wanted to print.. I had always erased the memory card after downloading to my computer from it. Smart Progress? Not according to this old grandma!

So then the clerk talks me into buying a memory card reader I can plug directly into my computer and download from the card thataway. So I bought it, came home and plugged it in and it did download to a file somewhere in the bowels of this SMART Windows 8 software I hate that came on this SMART computer and I have yet to find the darn sure didn't go into my picture file where I expected it to. The one I know how to use and email from.

Then the kids wonder why I won't get a SMART phone and I tell them it's because I use a flippin phone to talk on...not to download SMART Apps dumb Grandma's can't figure out..

Stay tuned for my next crisis.



Insurance Companies Now Decide How Much Estrogen I Need?

I learn more and more each day just how the insurance companies are going to make Obamacare work and I'm not liking it.

 I'm a senior citizen on limited income and have been on a Medicare supplement for over 10 years and was happy with it. The co-pays were reasonable and so were generic prescriptions....but, they took a huge jump this year when Obamacare went into effect. I didn't mind paying a little more for specialists visits or diagnostic tests but I do mind what I found out this morning.

The mail order pharmacy my doctor recommended called with a recorded message saying my estrogen refill was denied by my insurance company for the second time my doctor sent it in and an explanation was being mailed. Well I didn't want to wait for the postman so I called my Medicare supplement I've been on ever since I went on Medicare.

I was prescribed estrogen almost 40 years ago by a little Jewish lady doctor who told me to stay on a low dose for good and don't let any "man" doctor tell me bones and body would thank me for it in my old age. She looked pretty darn good physically and mentally alert in her 70's so I obeyed her. Every time I changed doctors I told them the story and they prescribed it for me.

The last bone scan I had they told me I had the bones of a 25 year old...healthy. I silently thanked the old lady doctor. My "sexual" organs have remained in good working shape and I "occasionally" thanked the lady doctor for that satisfying side effect.

When my Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in her early 80's, the doctor asked if she had ever been on estrogen replacement and she hadn't so they put her on it...a little too late. The lab lady who does my yearly mammograms told me to let her know if I ever went off the estrogen because it would make a big change in my breast tissue. I didn't like that idea.

Now my insurance company tells me my generic estrogen tablets were raised to a "tier 4" drug the first of the year and even if I can get an exemption from my doctor to continue the estrogen it will cost me $95 dollars a month... rather than the six dollars I paid for a three month supply.

Say what? Who the hell decided old women don't need their estrogen?



Strange & Improbable Animal Friendships

After spending a lot of time alone in the same room
 of the owners house, they grew fond of each other.
The crow is almost always on the dogs back,
the dog even barks when people try to touch his pal.
The owner built a custom harness for more
comfortable rides.
A black swan feeding fish at a public park.

    After a devastating forest fire, fire rescue ran out of
crates for the animals saved from the blazes.
This fawn and baby bobcat were placed together in the office.
Hours later, firemen noticed theyd taken a liking
 to one another and cuddled for the duration they
were kept together.


A duck and house cat raised together by a family.
 Supposedly the duck hates water and hasnt
figured out yet that it can fly.

  A wild life park in China adopted two tiger cubs,
 which were soon adopted by a workers dog
that happened to be in the pen frequently.

 The Fernandez family adopted a tiger cub after he
lost his family. Hes been raised with the family dog
 since youth and they are inseparable.
A five week old boar plays with Candy, the
Jack Russell terrier in          
Ehringhausen , Germany .


Humphrey was a house pet that became too large          
and was moved to the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve
 in South Africa , where he was safe but lonely.
Cameroon Pygmy Mountain Goat climbed Humphreys
 enclosure fence and befriended him.

  Sobe the iguana and Johann the cat were both rescued
by a woman in Brooklyn , NY .
 Every day when the iguana is let out of her cage,
 she seeks out Johann for play time, along with
a rabbit also kept as a pet.
A baby hippo was swept away by a tsunami and
 rescued by a wild life reservation. A 130 year old tortoise
immediately befriended him.

  Everyone knows who Koko the gorilla that speaks sign
language is. For her birthday one year, she signed to her
 teacher that she wanted a kitten.
Kokos teacher wasnt surprised, as Kokos two
          favorite books were about cats.
They adopted one from an abandoned litter
 and Koko showed it tender care and gentleness.

A lioness abandoned by her pack decides to adopt a baby
impala after killing its mother. Several times, she tried to
leave the baby in the company of other impalas,
but ended up having to take the baby back under her wing
 after the adult impalas were frightened away by her.

A lion, tiger, and bear raised together in the same enclosure
 at Noahs Ark Sanctuary in GA play ball, cuddle, and chase each other.

 A giraffe and ostrich form an odd friendship at
Busch Garden s in Florida .

A baby impala was left behind after the rest of its group
 ran away from the cheetahs. Instead of preying on the impala,
they played gently with it a bit before simply getting bored and leaving it.

Owls that hatched at a hawk conservatory were adopted
 by the park keeper and became friends with his pet dog.

 A few morn unusual animal friends.
They make me smile.