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Unbelievable Old Advertisements

I remember the "glamorous" cigarette ads and Santa smoking  but some of the older ones are unbelievable... who knew Coca Cola was such a "miracle" beverage?


Jill Paterson said...

These are unbelievable, Anna. And to think I bought Sensodyne toothpaste when I could have got Cocaine Toothache Drops!!!

Anna Maria said...

I bet that was an "instantaneous" cure to toothache Jill. I've long heard the original formula for Coca Cola also had cocaine in it and these old ads for its "miracle" affects sure sound like that might be true.

DMS said...

Asthma cigarettes (not for children under 6 though)? So interesting to read all of these and to see what they were selling and how they tried to appeal to people at the time. Amazing to think about trying to get people to give their kids soda earlier- for health reasons. lol. Thanks for sharing. :)

oneperson said...

Wow. These are enlightening. :D

Funny, thought-provoking, and scary.

Did you ever see the old ads for DDT. "DDT is good for me!"

I wonder how folks decades+ from now will look back at what's promoted.

Thanks for sharing Anna Maria!