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A Dog's Life....

...Is Pretty Darn Good At Our House.

Baby Snoop 

They will need a bigger bed after we quit crating
 Snoop at night.

You mean you didn't plant all those plants for me to dig up?
 The "house" rule is, no dogs on the furniture or beds.  It's a totally useless law since the rule maker disregards it.
 No one around here obeys dog rules...especially the dogs.
 I am the biggest so I'm supposed to be the boss.
I look like the boss.
Snoop pays Oaklie no 'Boss' attention except to aggravate her. 
 I insist on being the boss cause I'm so cute!

Sox implied, "You know if you leave Oaklie alone she is going
to make a mess." That time it was a bag of 
plastic bags to be recycled. 
 The first boss we lost last year we loved for over 14 years, Sox.
Sox obviously didn't think we needed to get a "replacement" dog to aggravate her in her old age. 
Oaklie is getting payback now from Snoop.

Pets become family members and no matter how
much they aggravate gotta love them. These boxers are spoiled rotten by all of us but repay in 
many ways with their loyal devotion.


Jon said...

Love this photo essay, Anna. Looks like a lot of fun for the dogs and the humans too.

DMS said...

Pets are definitely part of the family! My dog, kitty, bunny, and other animals have a happy life too. They tend to rule the roost so to speak. :) Great photos! Your dogs and your family look happy!

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Jon! I spend the most alone time with them since the others are at work or school and we do have a special relationship. :)

Anna Maria said...

So right Jess...the pets do tend to rule. Thanks, we are a very happy family most of the time...except when I'm having to clean up "someones" mess...then I tend to get a little grumpy...Snoop doesn't mind my rules either. :)

Jill Paterson said...

These are wonderful photos, Anna. Pets are so very special in our lives. How could anyone get cross at Snoop?

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Jill! Having Snoop underfoot all day long is akin to having an adorable toddler in his "terrible twos" around. Seems I'm either fussing at him for making a mess or giving him a treat. Yesterday I caught him trekking back and forth between the dog bed and Maggie's room busy collecting all her makeup to chew on. :)

Grundy said...

Cute. I'm more of a cat person, but they have been getting a lot less attention since we had out twins. I feel bad.

Anna Maria said...

Grundy, congratulations on your twins! Children certainly take precedence over pets when they arrive. It's when the kids start wanting pets that you will have time for them again. :D


Great post, Anna. Your puppies are adorable. I could write the exact same post about my cats. They're family and despite their idiosyncrasies, they make our lives so much better.