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Fascinating Proof Timing & Coincidence Can Be Amazing

It's all about being in the right place at the right second with the right camera pointed in the right direction.

What A Beautiful Mast!
Wings On Sideways
A Crystal Moon Ball?
A Mouthful
Fowl Intruder
Keep Flying High
Is that a "pot" of gold?
Hard Water?
Waving A Rainbow Bye Bye
Blast off!
My racks heavy
Huffin & Puffin
Gee...that tickles.
Spooky Firelady
Oh Yes! I can see much better.
How do I get out of this bubble?
I finally found my mate!
Sorry...the other ear just flops.
See...I can keep up and make a vapor trail.

It's called "Perfect Timing."


Stephanie Faris said...

Wow...some amazing shots. Now that you can hold the button down and take multiple photos in a row, it's a lot easier to have that good timing...but it still takes an eye for a good picture.

Anna Maria said...

Stephanie, I shoot a lot of bird photos and not once have I ever thought to us the continuous button on my camera, I may have to try that. I tried to figure out which ones of these photos were "set up" and the only one I felt for sure was, the girl with the head in her mouth. Not sure how they got the boat and moon shot so perfect. The rest look like "oops" moments to me but who knows with all the photo-shopping going on these days. Nevertheless, they are fun to look at.

DMS said...

Love seeing these shots. So many perfect ones. I love the rainbow wave! Amazing when people are able to take pictures like these on purpose- but it is fun when they happen by accident too. :) The bubble and dog is cool- and looks like it could have been set up or an accident. Not sure. Thanks for sharing!

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Jess...some probably were set up but I doubt they could get that owl positioned just right...or the horse to make that funny face...or put those two bubbles in front of the boys eyes just right. The others I'm not sure of but they are neat. I think the weirdest one is the fire lady. I've looked at it intently and tried to detect photo-shopping but there is no evidence...or they may just be very good at it...or very lucky. But it makes me wonder why bother taking a photo of a little fire? The mystery of how they did it is what intrigued me.


With all of the photos circulating the Internet, I've never seen these. Fantastic!!!

Anna Maria said...

Glad you like them Grace. Sometimes my old friends share things with me I have never seen before either so with their permission I post them here for others who enjoy seeing interesting photos.

New Release Books said...

Wow! I enjoyed them all so much. Thanks for this Perfect Timing!

Anna Maria said...

Happy you enjoyed them New Release Books. They are fun to try to figure out how they did that.