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My son, Stephen Mullins, was in the photography business for years. He now travels quite frequently all around the world as a computer specialist training companies how to use business software his employer sells and maintains. 

He always takes his camera and roams the countryside and cities where his travels take him on his off time and he has taken some beautiful and interesting photographs of whatever catches his artistic eye. Below are a few of  his wide variety of photos. They are from all over the United States, Europe, and Australia. 

All images are copyrighted...if you are interested in using any of them, or would like a professional print, his
contact information is on his website. 
Be sure and visit...there are hundreds
of great photographs there.

Thank you Steve for allowing Mom to
share your beautiful photographs. 

This is a photo Steve took of his wife, Nancy, setting up her camera for a shot under a covered bridge in New England. They live there and have taken some beautiful
 photographs of the fall foliage.

 Nancy has her own studio and takes portraits and assignments in a variety of locations. Her
website is:

                         Stephen and their two children 
                           taking a New England stroll.


Hausdorff said...

These are absolutely fantastic

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Hausdorff! I have received beautiful and unique photographs of these grandchildren ever since they were born.

DMS said...

Such beautiful pictures! Your son has certainly made it all over the world- as we can see from these shots. I also enjoyed all the different seasons. So many interesting shots and colors. Thanks for sharing. :)

Jill Paterson said...

These are wonderful photographs, Anna. They should be published in a coffee table book.

Anna Maria said...

Thank you Jess...there were so many great photos to choose from I had a difficult time deciding which to use. Steve has been to a lot of places and still travels frequently. He does have them all labeled in his albums as to where they were taken, I didn't attempt to but I think a lot are recognizable scenes...such as England, The Grand Canyon, Australia, and Germany. The swamp scenes were recently taken in Florida.

Anna Maria said...

Jill, thanks!...Steve and Nancy both have taken so many beautiful and such a wide variety of photos that they really should publish a coffee table book.Hopefully they will later on.

Mynx said...

Beautiful photographs. A world tour from the comfort of my chair

Jon said...


Monica Brinkman said...

Anna, thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photos with us. As one who has not traveled the world, it brings the world to me.

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Mynx...happy you enjoyed the "world tour."

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Jon! "Wow" says a lot. :)

Anna Maria said...

Thanks so much Monica. I've been to Europe a couple of times but I would love to visit Australia. Stephen really enjoyed Melbourne and Sydney.

DMS said...

I see you changed the name of your blog. :) I like it!

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Jessica...yes, I figured I had "confessed" everything I could think of to confess and now plan to just reveal whatever strikes my fancy. ;D


Wow, bragging rights certainly deserved here! They're all really, really nice. My favorites are the tree people (Stumps) and the chicken. Great job.

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Grace...I really liked the chicken also.