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Bomb Syria?...Don't Bomb Syria?

Who knows the correct answer?

I watched the Congressional panel yesterday discussing the pros and cons of President Obama ordering an intervention in the Civil War in Syria and I'm just as torn as most of America as to whether it is the right or wrong thing to do.

Secretary of State, John Kerry, painted a compelling picture of why we have to intervene...a couple of others also had gripping opinions of what could go wrong if we do.

God knows we are war weary after Iraq and Afghanistan and are dead set against putting any more "boots on the ground"  in the Middle East, but...should we aim a few missiles at Assad's military installations to prove to him America and it's Allies will not permit the use of chemical warfare for any accepted Universal Law states?

Will our intervention help or hurt those innocent folks in Syria who just want peace, as we all do who value life? No one knows and can answer that question until after the fact.

All we can do at this point is hope and pray whatever decision is made in the White House, it will eventually bring about stability in Syria at some point.

As I sit here mulling this over, as I have quite a few wars and conflicts for way over half a century, I find myself wishing" Intelligence" could simply pinpoint where Assad will sleep tonight and send him an ultimatum...attached to  a Cruise missile, so no one else has to die for his tyrannical cause.



Jill Paterson said...

Well said, Anna. A most difficult decision to make.
If only we had a crystal ball.
Tyrants destroy the lives of so many people, and in this case, it's his own people!

Anna Maria said...

Thanks is a difficult dilemma and I truly don't think there is a good answer to how it should be resolved. If only those in Syria who want to live in peace had the strength to overthrow the tyrant, it would make it so much easier for the rest of the world.

DMS said...

What a great post. I especially loved the quote you ended with. So many tough decisions and knowing the right choice would certainly make things easier. I don't like war, but what is happening in Syria isn't right either. Tyrants are so frustrating!

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Jess! Yes, tyrants are frustrating and cause so much misery. I have wondered about this problem many times over the years and don't envy our President having to make a decision to get America involved again in a war that likely can't be won.


This is a tough situation. I hate violence but sometimes it is a necessary evil to bring down tyrannical rulers. I don't know the best approach but I do know that I'm glad I'm not the one(s) making the decision.

Anna Maria said...

You and me both Grace...those are hard decisions to make. I am happy they are giving it more time to work out without bombing.