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New England's Autumn Blankets Of Color

My son Stephen Mullins and his wife Nancy of New Hampshire are both photographers who love taking nature pictures, especially of the New England countryside in Autumn. These are a few of the beautiful photos they took last week on another one of their motorcycle tours.
Steve travels all over the world on his job and always takes his camera with him. You can check out more Autumn photos and a lot of his travels he has posted on his website, The Concord Traveler.


Even their transportation is colorful.


DMS said...

These are beautiful! The fall is my favorite time of year because of all the colors bursting around me. I love driving and looking at all the trees and water scenes. Each of these pictures captures the beauty I see around me. I love the ones with the trees and the water- but the one with the colorful trees and the road is also gorgeous. What a talented son you have!

Thanks for sharing. :)

Jill Paterson said...

Beautiful photographs, Anna. Such vibrant colours. Reminds me of my time living in Canada.

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Jess...I love the beautiful fall colors also and Stephen is great at capturing them.

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Jill...actually New Hampshire isn't that far from Canada.

Bouncin Barb said...

Today is my day to discover some new blogs and I'm so glad I clicked on yours. Before I lived in the south, I lived in New England (CT) for 20 years. The spring and fall were always my favorite seasons there. Such beauty in colors, lush greens and rolling hills. I just can't take the cold anymore. These pictures are beautiful. I do look forward to reading more of your blog and getting to know you. Happy Sunday!

Anna Maria said...

I'm happy you visited my blog Barb and enjoyed my sons New England photos! They take them every fall and I always love all the beautiful colors also. Happy Sunday to you too!