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Retirement Community Calendar

A German Retirement Community Did A Calendar Where

Seniors Amazingly Re-Created Famous Movie Scenes

The Contilia Retirement Group in Essen, Germany,

made what is probably the best calendar ever

with a few of their seniors.

James Bond
Wilhelm Buiting, 89

                                                                        Breakfast at Tiffany’s
                                                                      Marianne Brunsbach, 86

  According to German press, 5000 calendars were printed. 

                                                      Erna Rütt, 86, and Alfred Kelbch, 81
                                                               Erwin J. von der Heiden, 80
 And they were given out to residents
of the senior center,
along with relatives and staff.
                                                                               Mary Poppins
                                                                                         Erna Schenk, 78
                                                                 The Seven Year Itch                                           
                                                      Ingeborg Giolbass, 84, and Erich Endlein, 88
              Blues Brothers                                
                                       Lothar Wischnewski (left), 76, and Margarete Schmidt, 77
Martha Bajohr, 77
The calendar models were interviewed about
the project and said it was a ton of fun to
dress up as their favorite actors.
Joanna Trachenberg, 81, and Horst Krischat, 78
Saturday Night Fever
Irmgard Alt, 79, und Siegfried Gallasch, 87
The oldest senior involved with the calendar
 was 98 years old!
Dirty Dancing
Johann Liedtke, 92 und Marianne Pape, 79
 The shoot was done with professional stylists and
photographers to make sure everything
looked as cool as possible.
Easy Rider
Walter Loeser (left), 98, und Kurt Neuhaus, 90
And once again it's proven you are
never too old to have fun.



DMS said...

These are awesome! I bet these were so much fun to make. What a fantastic calendar! :) Thanks for sharing this with us.

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Jess!...of course I would have wanted to do Scarlett. :)

Anna Maria said...
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oneperson said...

Love it!

What an inspiration.

I recently turned 55 and now officially qualify for the senior discounts. Ha.

One thing I've done recently which has brought me much fun and, dare I say, that I joined the YWCA mainly for water exercise class(es) to hopefully help with my health issues. I am usually the youngest at class; most folks are in their 70s and one is almost 90.

The group is such fun to be with - encouraging and active in spite, of ailments and set-backs.

I look forward to every class visit...which makes the exercise that much easier.

Along with the benefits of the exercise, I've been given another peek into my years ahead (good lord willin' and the creek don't rise).

Win-win. :-)

Thanks for sharing these Anna!

Anna Maria said...

Carol, I like to swim too...I think it is the best form of exercise, especially as you get older an don't need high impact.

An old junior high boyfriend emailed and asked which movie star I would like to portray in a calendar and I replied, "Why Scarlett O'Hara of course. He wasn't surprised. :)

oneperson said...


You'd make a great Scarlett!