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Road Signs Worth Slowing Down For

 Don't go a half MPH over the speed limit.
 People and cows cross here.
 Don't even think about using a water gun.
 Too many potholes?
 A weird sense of humor.
 Be sure you don't click it.
 OK lovers...beware dead ends.
 A noble warning indeed.
 But it does have a name.
 Wonder how many wrecks happened at this intersection?
 Don't exceed the pee limit.
 These are some REALLY fast eye surgeons.
 Up to that point's OK?
 Was this street worker a sot?
 They might be on the highway.
A safe haven for our feathered friends...except at Thanksgiving.


oneperson said...

Thanks for the chuckles... :-)

DMS said...

I am not sure where you found these- but I love them. So many that made me laugh out loud.

I have never seen a speed limit sign with a 1/2 on it. I am sure it gets people to take notice.

The stop and no stopping probably causes a lot of accidents and must be a tough spot to pass out tickets!

There is a sign in a town near me with ET on it and it says "Buckle Up". :)

Thanks for sharing!

Anna Maria said...

Happy they made you smile Carol.

Anna Maria said...

You are quite welcome Jess. ET likely gets attention. That Stop...don't Stop sign is hilarious. Probably caused wrecks by people stopping to try and figure it out. :D

Jill Paterson said...

These gave me a laugh, Anna. Particularly the one that says 'Beware the walking dead'. I thought they could float.

Anna Maria said...

Glad they made you laugh Jill. I thought that was a funny one also.