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Lane's End

Jill Paterson is an excellent mystery author who lives in Australia
and uses Sydney for her settings. She writes in the classic manner of previous famous English mystery writers. She is meticulous in setting up her interesting characters, various plots,
and scenes you can easily envision.
“Lane’s End” is the fourth book in her Fitzjohn Mystery Series. I
have read all four of her interesting books and Detective Chief Inspector Fitzjohns is always true to character…very thorough, detailed, likable, and persistent in getting all the perplexing clues investigated in a timely manner.

Lane’s End begins with the discovery of the body of a seemingly unknown elderly man at a cocktail party on the grounds of the renowned Sydney’s Observatory.The bludgeoned body is discovered by a caterer after the party ends and beside it lies a beautiful walking cane with the silver head of an eagle for a handle.
As CDI Fitzjohn and his partner begin questioning the shocked hosts who gave the party, the plot begins to thicken and widen. One of the hosts of the party, a “person of interest,”  dies suddenly that night from a heart attack and it complicates the investigation.
The clues eventually send the detectives to Lane’s End, a once majestic estate that has remained shuttered and unused for over 30 years due to the unsolved and mysterious death of the first wife of one of the hosts of the cocktail party. The heart attack victim.

“Lane’s End” is a well written mystery novel that will hold your interest until the surprising end. I recommend it to anyone who likes to read mystery novels that are page burners.


DMS said...
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DMS said...

This sounds like a great book and series. Wishing Jill the best of luck! Thanks for sharing this with us. :)

Anna Maria said...

Thank you Jess! Yes, this is a good book and series. When I read Jill's work it always amazes me how different a lot of her proper "English" words are,...and also spelled different. I think Early Americans devised their own take on the language.


I wish I could write a good who dunnit. I admire anyone who can. Kudos to Jill.

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Grace, I wish I could write any kind of novel. Jill's book is doing great on Amazon and I am very happy for her success.