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My birthday is on the first day of spring and every year it inspires me to grow weary of blah browns and start creating a canvas of vivid colors on our deck, where I drink my morning coffee, that helps me reconcile getting a year older at an age I am well aware of...I don't have all that many changes of seasons left. This is how my "coffee perch" garden grows so far this year.
 March rain on new plants is always welcome.
More butterflies are showing up but they don't
usually wait for me to run get the camera.
I place the birdseed bowl so that I can capture the visitors
from where I sit with my coffee and sometimes...the camera.
I have a variety of photo ops every day.
I see lots of pairs of Cardinals
And sparrows...
And Whitewing doves fixing to fly down from the live oak tree to eat...
natives of Mexico that have drifted
a little North.
I can zoom in on our fruitless pear tree and
yellow jasmine in the yard in bloom in early March.
Or the dogs resting by the brush pile they like to scatter...
Or the neighbors loaded kumquat tree...
Or one of my geraniums....
Or a rain soaked rose...
Or our wonderfully fragrant Mountain Laurel...
In the evenings I often see these almost "see through" little subterranean
lizards come out to look for bugs I suppose.
And enjoy the softness of a solar light framing
my ornamental peppers.
I still wonder at how fast Mother Nature can make things grow...with the help
of a little sun, a little rain, a little TLC, and some Miracle Gro. It all makes me
forget I got a year older last month..



Jill Paterson said...

You have the perfect place to sit and have your coffee, Anna, complete with flowers, birds, a squirrel and Snoop to keep you on your toes.

Anna Maria said...

I do Jill...and yes that black boxer still likes to dig up my plants...why I have to keep them up high.

Stephanie Faris said...

Beautiful scenery!I do sometimes think about the fact that I have a limited amount of season changes left. Who knows how many? It is becoming more important to appreciate each one.

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Stephanie! I often wish I could move to Hawaii so I didn't have to deal with season changes in my "old age." There I could have flowers and a lot of orchids all year long. :)

DMS said...

Hope you had a lovely birthday last month. Your porch is beautiful and I wish I lived closer so I could stop over for a cup of coffee, some good conversation, and to soak in your view. I love watching birds and look at all the ones you captured with your camera. Excellent photos! :)

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Jess...I did have a nice birthday. I wish you could stop by and share some coffee and conversation also. I'm sure we could find lots to share.