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Your Birth Song

Your Birth Song
This site plays the song that was Number One on the day you were born.  And, if there is a video available with the artist, it will play it for you.  Really a fun site.  Enjoy. 

 Mine was Begin the Beguine by Artie Shaw. I haven't heard that one in many years.


Bouncin Barb said...

I love Begin the Beguine! Great song. Mine was Save The Last Dance For Me by The Platters. Very fun sight. Thanks for sharing it.

DMS said...

Mine was The Way We Were! How fun! Thanks for sharing. :)

Jill Paterson said...

You'll never guess what mine was. Smoke Smoke Smoke that Cigarette by Tex Williams.Complete with video. What a hoot! The guitar playing was marvellous. I'll watch it again. Thanks, Anna. You've made my afternoon. Jill

Anna Maria said...

Barb...Save The Last Dance For Me is one of my all time favorites and still reminds me of someone from my past. Thanks for visiting.

Anna Maria said...

Jess...I remember Barbara Streisand singing The Way we Were in a movie. Happy you enjoyed the throwback.

Anna Maria said...

Jill...that's funny...I remember that song well. What made me decide to post this is... I was amazed at how much work must have gone in to creating this site complete with videos of all the number one songs all the way back to 1900. That required a lot of research.

Stephanie Faris said...

Ain't No Mountain High Enough. Sounds fitting for a writer!!!

Anna Maria said...

Stephanie...I fits you perfectly!