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Derby Day At Retama

Kentucky Derby Day At 
Retama Park 
In San Antonio

My son, daughter-in-law and Several friends and I have been going to
 Retama Park Raceway every year on Derby Day the last few years and that's usually the
only time I go. I most often come home with less
money than I took but I consider it worth the fun we always have every year.

Today it reminded me of a fiesta. There was a big carnival for the kids and lots of 
food and craft booths scattered outside and inside.

Everyone has their favorite tracks to bet on simulcast tracks all across the country so we need  lots of programs. Mine are usually the tracks running I'm closest to the monitor to...
easier to see my money run down the drain.

I have no idea what started the big fancy hat tradition on Derby Day but it's alive and well. This year most of the hats appeared to be homemade and they were usually very large  and creative. The blue one had twinkling lights. All the ladies I asked for a photo
were very sweet and accommodating when I told them I might do a  Derby Hat Day blog.

This sweet young teenager eating lunch with her Mom was very proud to show off the one she totally made from scratch with paper, fresh flowers, and net. I thought the little racehorses surrounding the brim were so sweet and that fit her shy personality perfectly. 

Thanks Ladies for your kindness in happily
sharing your lovely creations with us.

The favorite Nyquist won the Derby.


DMS said...

Family traditions are a great way to make memories together. Looks like you and your family had a lot of fun. Love the hats! :)

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Jess...we did have fun and one lucky one in our group won over $5,000 on another race and that did make the annual trip memorable. :)