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Remember Those Who Gave Us An Incredible Gift


Disabled American Veterans
Never forget the sacrifice they made for us.

"It’s what’s really at the heart of all the holiday hustle and bustle – a deep desire to make the holidays memorable and meaningful.

But no amount of sparkling lights or pretty bows could ever compete with the satisfaction you’ll feel when you 
make a difference in a hero’s life this holiday season!"


DMS said...

What a great post! It is so important for us to remember all of the men and women who have served our country. We are so lucky to have them

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Jess! DAV is a worthy organization I have long supported. We have so much to be grateful for the men and women who serve in our military to protect our freedom.

Jill Paterson said...

An excellent post, Anna. It is so easy to forget the veterans who gave so much.

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Jill! We owe so much to them.

oneperson said...

Wow.... *gulp*

John Henderson said...

Hi Anna,
I will take my time to read your post as I feel some empathy, being a service pensioner looking after my lady, Jill.