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Tails Of Rescue For All Animal Lovers

The perfect Christmas gift for all animal lovers who love to read.

Published  Dec. 5, 2012

Meet the formerly unwanted, abandoned, and abused who, through the miracle of human love, found their forever homes. Jean Rodenbough, retired Presbyterian minister, former English and ethics teacher, poet and critically acclaimed author ~ and confirmed lover of animals of all kinds ~ presents a collection of "tails" that are poignant, inspiring, smile-provoking, and, in some cases, tearful; but they all carry the message: 

"All things share the same breath - the beast, the tree, the man ... all things are bound together. All things connect." (Chief Seattle, chief of the Suquamis)

Jean Rodenbough grew up loving animals of all kinds. Later, she wrote stories about animals and people, poems about everything, and trained for several different careers. She is a retired Presbyterian minister, serving mostly as a chaplain with hospice and with hospitals. She also has taught both English and ethics in secondary school and college. She earned several degrees in the process: BA, MA, M.Div., and D.Min, but her focus now is on her writing of both poetry and prose. This book is her second with All Things That Matter, the first one Rachel’s Children: Surviving the Second World War. She and her husband Charles live in Greensboro, North Carolina.


Below is the review I wrote on Amazon for Rachel's Children last year.  
Jean Rodenbough is a very caring, poignant, and excellent author. 

"I ordered Rachel's Children because I remember extremely well how World War II affected me as a child and I wanted to read a personal account of someone who had experienced what I had been terrified of the four+ years the war lasted. I lived in a small town in Texas that was fortified during that war with barbed wire and guards in tall towers at the entrance holding machine guns over the railings as we checked into town. I remember how scared I would get when the practice air raid sirens would go off in the middle of the night, never knowing if the bombers were really coming this time. I have retained an on going interest in things written about the war but I have never read such a personal and extremely well written explanation of how other children of the 1940's felt about it until I read Rachel's Children. Anyone interested in World War II or how horrific warfare affects everyone involved should read this brilliant book!

The author was a young child living in Pearl Harbor during the initial attack and I can't imagine how she must have felt when she found out the island was being bombed. Jean admitted it left indelible impressions on her psyche, the kind one never forgets. Her father was an Army doctor immediately called to help treat the wounded.

Jean has done a magnificent job writing vivid images of the horrors of World War II and how they affected her, her family, and many others. This book should be required reading in our schools so that our children can know what sacrifices men, women, and children all over the world had to make. Congratulations Jean! have written a historical masterpiece that is going to be appreciated for a long time!"
Anna Mullins


DMS said...

Both of these books sound so good. I love hearing about people who help animals. I always get my dogs from shelters (my cat I rescued). Books about WWII touch my heart and I read as many of them as I can. Thanks for sharing both of these!

Anna Maria said...

Thank you Jess. Jean is indeed one of those people who cares deeply about all living things and is an excellent writer. Her character and kindness is beyond reproach.