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Do You Really Care Who Your Neighbor Worships...As Long As It's Not The Devil?

Last week was mentally exhausting. The Boston bombing on Monday was horrific. The terrible explosion at the plant in West, Texas was catastrophic. 
But what I also found very disturbing was the way a lot of normally rational people reacted 
on "social" media. Facebook and other media was in flames with heated opinions. 
Awkwardly enough, I was lured into the debates 
trying to defend Muslims and our President 
from folks ready to march on the White House fully armed to execute the President of the United States... 
and then expel all Muslims immediately. Lordy!  

A few who are always ready to blame Obama for everything that goes wrong, and gives their "Lord Jesus Christ" credit for their "pure" thinking, started blaming Obama for allowing Muslims to continue to immigrate here, and also for allowing imprisoned terror suspects prayer mats in their cells...claiming it's because "secretly" he's one also, plotting against America...and mind you....this was before anyone 
even knew who was to blame for the bombings. 

The hysteria was alarming. One fundamental Christian
friend of a friend wrote on the friends blog about my previous post on our bloody history and Hypatia, "Sure, keep writing about "atheist" and bad Christians as
if that is promoting world peace...Prejudice 
masquerading as truth!"

Say what? Too much tea this morning? Didn't

sleep well with your over-loaded AK-47 in bed with you? Ancient peaceful Pagans were not "atheist," they worshiped all sorts of gods and goddess's and they didn't pretend they were perfect...or horrible!

I did remind some that Liberals didn't blame George
Bush when 9/11 happened on his watch, we pulled together, 
not apart. Neither did we blame all Muslims. Just the
ones responsible for the insanity and their devil leader.
Of course, (secretly) I do blame George for going
after Saddam before Osama.

I met a family of Muslims and some of their relatives over 15 years ago who owned a small  convenience
 store in my former neighborhood. We became friends and talked about a variety of things, including religion. They told me they had immigrated here because Islamic radicals were causing strife in their native country and they did not want their children exposed to it, especially their daughters. These conversations began at least five years before 9/11. They were
just as appalled and saddened by 9/11 as I was...maybe more so. They knew how Americans would think of them from
then on because of their religion. They were right.
This is what I really think about religion....

Hate filled Jews, Christians, and Muslims worship a wrathful god who would allow them to slay sons and torture their enemies, the same as the deity they obey "supposedly" did...and will continue to torment all those he "damns" in hell fire and brimstone for eternity. 

Pure Bullshit!

Peace loving Jews, Christians, and Muslims worship a loving, comforting, and forgiving God who 

created earth for us to live our lives in peace. 
"Blessed Be The peacemakers," Jesus said, Yea!

All others who worship various deity's are just as authentic and justifiable members of humanity...
as long as they worship idols of peace.
Buddha and Hindu Gods among them.

Those who do not worship or believe in any supreme being...but are productive contributors to making our earth a wiser and more peaceful, healthy, and safe place to survive our precious lives are just as worthy human beings as those who do worship a divine being 
of some sort....and there is quite an assortment of 
idols and prophets out there and NO one 
on earth knows if any 
of them are correct...or
none of them. 

The fact that so many can not see this truth is what continues to cause wars, terrorism, and
well as "holier than thou" rants on social media.

If you don't believe it...look up what
happened in Massachusetts
in 1692 when Holy Puritans
"thought" their town had been
invaded by the devils witches.

Don't think it couldn't happen today
just because we have better technology.
There are still a lot of radical "religious"
thinking humans out there.
Last week proved it on
both sides of the fence!


c emerson said...

Excellent post. Where does the committed hatred of others come from?

Jon said...

Powerful post, Anna.

DMS said...

What a fascinating post. I was stunned by much of what I read on social media, too. I am all for being peaceful and not harboring hate.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Anna Maria said...

Thanks much C. Emerson. "Committed hatred," I hadn't thought of it that way but it is what it is.

Perhaps the story's we heard last week of the older brother enlisting the younger brother, who friends claimed seemed so normal and nice they would have never picked him to be one of the assassins, explains it a little.

People do tend to follow those they respect and expect to tell them the truth...even if it's evil.

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Jon, emotional about the issue, to say the least, was the way I felt when I typed it.

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Jess, I know from what you write you are a peace loving person.

c emerson said...

Let me take it a step further. Something triggers people into violence and hatred. While you would think they are causally connected, they may only be correlative to each other, with root causes going even deeper. I would like to know where the psychologists and sociologists are in all this (as to professional opinions), so if any links pop up, remember me. I'll be getting to this on my blog, eventually. Very nice effort, A.M.

Anna Maria said...

Thanks C. Emerson. I would think there are probably a multitude of things that "trigger" violence, including sudden "crimes of passion." I imagine the professionals know what part of the brain is involved...but don't know how to keep everyone's "trigger" on permanent "safety."

As for "hatred," I think that would be a separate subject. I don't know that for sure, but I have seen hateful people who don't take it as far as violence.

I have no expertise in medical science, only observation of how people have acted and reacted for over seven decades.


Interesting post. I try hard to not get involved in any of those volatile subjects. Everyone has an opinion. Some I agree with, others I don't. I've unfriended all of the people who feel compelled to share their points of view on these matters. Life is too short to spend it listening to hateful foolishness.

But it is disturbing when so many people get riled up and think FORCE is the way to handle matters. I can only hope and pray that love will overcome evil.

I saw a bumper sticker recently that said, "Non-judgment Day is coming." I love that!

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Grace...I appreciate your point of view. It's a good one. I'm sure I will continue to post mine here where those adults who want can read it can, and those who don't, that's fine.

I have sworn off Facebook and will no longer use it except for the reason I signed up for it, to keep up with my Grandchildren.

I love that bumper sticker...know where I can get one?

Mynx said...

Very wise words.
Thank you fora great post

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Mynx...and thank you for visiting!

Nancy Alborell said...

Gee we agree on a lot of stuff! Fear and religion go hand in hand. I've had to comfort my elderly Mama repeatedly because she thinks Dad and my brothers are in hell for being atheists. And she's a Methodist! (Not a terribly punitive doctrine.)
I like to say I'm an atheist but I hope I'm wrong. It would be nice to meet Jesus and George Burns. The multitude of religions leads me to one conclusion; nobody worships a God they can't agree with.

Anna Maria said...

Nancy, thanks! I agree, we do agree on a lot of things. :)

My thoughts on why some people worship the wrathful gods they do is, they don't reason or research the hateful deity they are worshiping, just do it because someone else thinks it's a good idea. Very sad.