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"Yawning is something we mostly stifle — after all, it’s embarrassing to yawn in the face of another as if to announce that you didn't get enough sleep or, worse, that you’re bored. That’s a shame — because researchers have discovered that the humble yawn is a major contributor to mental alertness… keeps our brains properly cooled (literally)… and helps us to shift from one activity to another, even to adjust from one timezone to another. They recommend using yawning consciously as a tool to make life better. For example, yawn soon after awakening to rev up your brain for the day or at night to help calm yourself and promote sleep." 

Patt Lind-Kyle MA

Visit her website, she offers interesting information, and a free MP3 relaxation tape you can download. The flowing graphics are soothing and the massaging music mixed with the sound of trickling water... mesmerizing.

Hope you learned something interesting you didn't know... and  yawn more often! Who knew it was good for you?



DMS said...

I love this post- and I learned a LOT! I feel like I will have to come back to soak it all in. Maybe I should yawn first. :) I did yawn as soon as I was done reading all the facts.

Choking on a toothpick sounds painful! 40 pounds of skin! So much to digest. Thanks for sharing. I love to learn new things!

c emerson said...

Nice post. Life is not for the squeamish. From Wikipedia: "It is estimated that 500 to 1000 species of bacteria live in the human gut'and a roughly similar number on the skin. Bacterial cells are much smaller than human cells, and there are at least ten times as many bacteria as human cells in the body (approximately 10^14 versus 10^13)." Btw, 10^13 = 10,000,000,000,000 or 10 trillion cells (conservative estimate).

Remember, each cell and each bacteria, given the right petri dish, can live just fine without "you" - but you somehow emerge from "them". Have a great April.

Anna Maria said...

Jes...happy you liked the post and "learned" something. I used to love to play trivia years back but can't interest the kids these days...they can find out anything they want to know on their "smart" phones. ;)

Anna Maria said...

C.E...Thanks! I think I got over being "squeamish" after I had five babies the natural way and used cloth diapers instead of paper.

Now I'm trying to wrap my mind around trillions of bacterial cells in my gut wondering how many are good for digestion and how many want to destroy my gut.

Wonder if I could destroy some of the bad bugs if I drank a shot of whiskey? That's what they used in old Western movies to kill "bad" bacteria...on the gunshot wound and in the gut.

Nancy Alborell said...

Interesting. The poker stats are going to be a shock to my card shark. Fun!

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Nancy! That card hand statistic surprised me also. No wonder I can't win at poker! ;D

Jill Paterson said...

I'm yawning, I'm yawning. But I don't plan on shaving off my eyebrows when my cat passes away!

Paul Sunstone said...

Nice post! I had no idea a rattler could bite up to an hour after it's dead. I hope never to meet one who does!

It's great to know yawning is good for you!

Anna Maria said...

LOL Jill! Those Egyptians did mourn their cats in a strange way...:)

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Paul! Being from a state with a lot of rattlers, I learned not to fool around with even a dead one early on. My dad always said the best way to kill a rattlesnake was to chop it's head off and bury it right away. He would, but I would always run fast in the opposite direction if I came across one.


I learned quite a bit Anna. I always knew to stay clear of a living rattlesnake. Now I'll know to stay away from a dead one too.

I had to think about the armadillos having babies that are all the same sex. At first I was like, well this can't be right or they couldn't reproduce but then I realized, the mother could have all male babies. Duh. Anyway, great post!

Jon said...

Now I know how little I know. I loved seeing the armadillo taking a poop in the litter box. But wasn't it mischievous of you to make us yawn at the end, and for C Emerson to force me to think about all the bacteria in my gut? Jeez!

Anna Maria said...

Grace...happy you learned something new. Armadillo's are popular here in Texas and are often portrayed in various art...but I did a double-take on that info also. Nature is strange, but wonderful.

Anna Maria said...

Jon...when a friend sent me this trivia, I had just read the info about yawning and had to combine it in a post...because I yawned too.

Yes...C.E.'s info made me think about my "buggy" gut too...:D

Anna Maria said...

Still trying to figure out why my comments are often posting more than once. Guess I need to use more control on my "trigger" finger.

oneperson said...

Fun! :)

I'll remember that about rattle snakes. :0

A couple sites I enjoy along these lines are:


Anna Maria said...

Thanks Carol...I'll check them out. Always fun to learn new things you didn't know you didn't know. ;)