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It Matters Radio Blog Talk Show....

It Matter's Radio believes in embracing humanity through music, entertainment, the arts, and open communication.

Host Monica Brinkman, along with co-host & author/psychologist Kenneth Weene bring you a show based on a variety of entertainment. You will find interviews with authors, activists, businesses, humanitarians and they will introduce you to fine musicians and their music each show.

"From child-abuse, the homeless, spirituality, and artists to simply fun shows celebrating special occasions, we are here to communicate. If it's meaningful or entertaining, we'll broadcast it."

I will be interviewed about my memoir Nov. 21st on the It Matters Radio Blog Talk Show. The show is broadcast live at 9:00pm EST on Thursday evening at the link below:

It Matters Radio

You may log in with your Google or Facebook account and comment in the chat room...or you can just tune in to listen to how nervous I might be. :)
I've never talked about my controversial memoir on a live interview before and  hopefully I can shed some light on why I chose to write and confess as much as I did. 


DMS said...

Best of luck! I am sure you will do a fantastic job. Just imagine you are talking to a friend and think vaguely about some of the answers you might give (don't try to map them out, but think about what you might be okay revealing or saying). Of course, I am giving you advice and I have never done a radio interview- so you don't have to take my advice. :) Best of luck and I look forward to listening (if I can't listen live then hopefully I can listen afterwards).

Anna Maria said...

Thanks much Jess! I do hope you can listen in. That's good advice to focus on the fact I'm just talking to friends on the phone. I've always been shy about performing in public and that's why I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to think "live" or not. :D

oneperson said...

Hope it went well. And I'm hoping the site will post a link to hear the interview on an mp3. I'll keep checking back. <3

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Carol...good to hear from you! They did post a great review and there is a link on the It Matters Radio blog site to listen to past shows. I went and looked though and I'm not sure where mine is. :)