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The Bone Seer Paranormal Romance Trilogy

I happened upon Aishah Macgill's series of novels and downloaded the first book, The Bone Thrower. I have always been interested in reincarnation and "past lives" and like to read other's thoughts about them. I found her first  book fascinating and also downloaded the second in the series. I also found it quite captivating and am looking forward to reading the third book in the series. It is due to be released in a few weeks.
They are all available on Amazon and you can find
them by entering either her name or the book titles.

A thrilling paranormal romance, with a twist! Or two!

Imagine if your past life came crashing into this one?

"A pretty young girl, sold into slavery by her parents and rescued in the nick of time, holds the fate of the world in her hands. Will Isabella and her family succeed? Or will the ancient dark forces make a comeback?"

Aishah Macgill

"Aishah considers herself a 'seeker of truth' which has taken her on travels to Nepal, India and Europe and fantastic inner journeys that are equally exotic.

However, she found that in the pursuit of the answers to life's big questions, she is merely confronted with even more confusing ones.

Aishah Macgill is an Australian, who now lives overlooking the ocean on the wonderful Sunshine Coast in Queensland. She has found her spiritual home there - for now. She describes her environment as "soothing, healing by it's very nature"."


DMS said...

This sounds like a fascinating series. Great to know that two of the books are out already and a third will be out soon. Definitely an interesting topic! Thanks for sharing. :)

Anna Maria said...

I did find this to be an interesting series. Aishah has also written a couple of other books I intend to read. One is called "Soulmate" I've downloaded and is a collection of true stories.

Jill Paterson said...

These books do look interesting, Anna. I'll look them up.

Anna Maria said...

Aishah is a fellow Australian and I think you would enjoy her books. Thanks for visiting!