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My Deck Garden 2016

In an earlier blog I posted the damage a severe hailstorm did to our home and my deck garden. I replanted and replaced all the shattered pots and it has responded. I have been taking photos of it and the birds and squirrels that visit.

We have had an unusual wet Spring with a number of severe thunderstorms with hail around the area on several occasions and I'm hoping I luck out and don't have to deal with that damage again...but am very happy we are finally out of our drought and our aquifer is 10 foot above average for the first time since 2010. Yea!


Jill Paterson said...

Your deck looks magnificent once again, Anna. You have the greenest thumb!!!

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Jill! I enjoy the scene so much when it's all in bloom it's worth all the dirty thumbs it requires to plant it. :)

oneperson said...

Beautiful Anna...a sanctuary... <3

I've thought of you often when I've heard about some of the weather in TX. I can't get around as much online, but my thoughts are with you! <3

Gonna go find the post you mentioned now, the one about the hail, etc.

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Carol, for all the comments. Yes the hailstorm did a lot of damage and the neighborhood is now very noisy with all the roofs being replaced. We haven't had our's done yet though they did finally get here yesterday to replace our broken windows. There is a big back-up in home repairs since tens of thousands were damaged. I am happy you liked the family value essay, that was an easy one to write having had such wonderful parents and grandparents. Hope you are feeling better, my "torture" session I had last week at the doctor's office is holding up well.

oneperson said...

Good to read the neighborhood is making recovery, even though I know it's a slow process.

So glad the treatment is holding up so far. I hope it continues. If I recall correctly, you have one more treatment coming up soon and then wait and see how it all works...hopefully for a full year. That's be tremendous and beyond.

My treatment hit the sweet spot this week, so I have freedom for the next 5ish weeks! I'll take it! lol

Much love to you dear Anna! <3

DMS said...

Absolutely stunning photos! You have beautiful flowers and such an eye for photography. I am sorry that you experienced so much damage- but the new arrangement and assortment of colors is lovely. I especially love your positive attitude about being out of the drought. :) Yeah!

Anna Maria said...

Thanks again Carol, I am very happy your treatment worked well also. Mine is holding up though I did travel quite a few miles last week. I read you are leaving FB but hopefully we can keep up though our blogs. I love reading what's on your mind too since we have the "epidural" sessions in common. Best of luck with your continued rehab.

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Jess! I have long loved to garden and like trying new arrangements on the deck every year. I also like to take photographs though I'm still an amateur, having a digital camera sure comes in handy being able to take a lot of shots and sometimes getting a good one.

oneperson said...

Thanks Anna!

Yes, I'll still see you here in cyber world. :)