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Our Drought Is Finally Over...Thank Goodness!

The last two years our part of Texas has been in a severe drought, but this year we have already had over 20 inches of rain and it's still showering almost every day. Everything that  remained rather dull and dormant the last couple of years has sprung back to life in vivid color and every shade of green imaginable in our yard. I'm a happy gardener once again.

There are several pots of hibiscus on this end of the deck that are loaded with buds and should start blooming quite a show of color soon. 

This orange hibiscus has at least a dozen blooms a day now. 

Last year my annuals didn't last long in the heat. This year they are thriving.
I am addicted to hibiscus and have a number of variety's including these tropical s.
 I have six or eight tomatoes every day that ripen and we are enjoying them. 
No tomato is as tasty as a vine ripened tomato.
 Well, I live in Texas. How could I not like jalapeno peppers? I grow the mammoth kind. :)
 I do hope my plumeria bloom this year. I fell in love with the fragrance in Hawaii.
 I planted these above and the ones below from a few plants a friend in Houston gave me a couple years ago and they come up in every pot on the deck in the spring so I have a number of them around. They are profuse and delightful bloomers.

 This is an avocado tree. Doubt it will ever get big enough in a pot to produce fruit but I like the leaves. I see I have some yuk ones to trim away.
 Marigolds bloom well and provide a lot of color.
 A variegated phlox I'm trying for the first time and it's doing well. I love lavender.
 Inpatients are also prolific bloomers.
 So are verbena.
 The sacco palm just put on a lot of new fronds and the Lantana and Esperanza are blooming nicely.
I broke off a small branch from one of these blue evergreens several years ago from a neighbor's that is huge and started these two. These won't get that big in pots but will make nice "Christmas" trees. 

This poinsettia was almost six feet tall at Christmas and loaded with beautiful blooms. I've had it going on four years and don't let it freeze, but do cut it back in early spring to encourage new growth. Just keep them well watered in the summer and it's well worth the 
show during the holidays.

 Our tropical bed almost died out last year but it's come back with a vengeance with all the rain.
 The former owner of the house did make nice rock borders everywhere
 that make the beds easy to tend.

 The Rose of Sharon didn't bloom at all last year. This year it's lovely.

Our pink and white crepe myrtles are just beginning to bloom and will soon be covered.

I'm happy you stopped by to share my garden.


My first Muy Grande Luna hibiscus bloomed last night. They are the largest blooming
 flower there is and this bush is huge this year and will soon be putting on
 a magnificent show of dinner plate size hot pink beauty. It's loaded with buds.


Jon said...

What a joy to garden and to be surrounded by such beauty!

DMS said...

I am in awe of your beautiful garden. I love to garden too! The colors you have bursting and blooming around you are so inspiring. I have been spending a lot of time in my garden getting all my veggies and plants ready. :)

I had such fun looking at all of the beautiful pictures. Glad you are getting more rain this year! Yeah!

Hausdorff said...

Looks great! You must either have a really big yard or you make great use of your space (or both)

Jill Paterson said...

Your garden is magnificent, Anna. You must have a very green thumb!

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Jon! I have loved to grow flowers since I was a kid and to have a nice space now to dig in the dirt is truly a blessing.

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Jessica! Yes, the wonderful colors do inspire me. I had no idea what to post on the blog until I walked out on the deck yesterday morning and was greeted with nature's magnificence and decided to grab my camera and try to capture some of it. Happy you like to garden also.

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Hausdorff! Our front yard is rather small but the back yard is quite expansive. In addition to whats in these photos we have three large oak trees and a couple of big fruitless pear trees in the back for shade.

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Jill! I suppose my "thumb" is rather green but I've been practicing and experimenting digging in the dirt for a long time. :)

Nancy Alborell said...

Envy envy! I've got a wonderful Rose of Sharon. It's descendent of my grandmother's. Also have a rose bush that's at least 100 years old. I've GOT too learn how to download photos! You obviously have the green thumb. I only have a green toe.

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Nancy! Actually my fingers and toes are all usually get pretty grimy when I play in the dirt...but I can't resist. I get an irrestible urge every spring. :)

c emerson said...

I know Austin, and you have produced a wonderful variety there! Congrats.

Anna Maria said...

Thanks C. Emerson! I have lived in Austin twice and have a daughter who still lives there after graduating from the University of Texas.

However, I now live on the outskirts of San Antonio about 75 miles south of Austin at the edge of the beautiful Texas Hill Country. "They" say our soil and climate is very Mediterranean like. It is fertile and will grow most anything including wine grapes. :)

Monica Brinkman said...

Anna, you bring such beauty into our lives. My plants asked that you visit them soon. Thank you so much for sharing your pics with us.

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Monica! You bring joy into my life every Thursday evening listening and sharing your interesting guests on your Blog Talk Radio show. I keep a link to it up on my Blog Roll.


I love your photos, Anna. Your garden is so lush. Thank God for RAIN! I must ask, do you know the name of the yellow and magenta flowers in the pot that you got from your friend in Houston? Also, how do you care for your Plumeria in winter? Do you bring it indoors and does it lose its leaves? I LOVE that foliage and I too remember the flowers from Hawaii. They are so fragrant. One more thing, I'm thinking that last photo of what you're calling Impatiens is actually Vinca but I could be wrong. I'm envying you your tomatoes!

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Grace...the rain has certainly turned everything lush again. I'll have to check at the nursery on what I thought were Inpatients but may be Vinca. I plant them is some color every year in a long planter and they do well.

The Plumeria in the front of that picture has had roots for a couple of years now and should bloom this year. The other's are in such big pots I just cut the stalks off and bring them inside and those probably won't bloom. They need a root ball for a few years. They all lose their leaves and go dormant in winter but come alive in the spring outside once you start watering them.

Those two I got from the friend have pretty much adapted to not much care where she lives but do well when watered. I've seen them at the nursery and will get the names for you.