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The Oldest "Religion" On Earth


Art depicting a Supreme Creator as the  Divine Astrological Architect

Prepared 2/26/82

Back when I instantly gave up my inherited religion one day in the early 1970's because it suddenly no longer made sense to me after a priest tried to abuse me, I felt lost as to how to replace the void I felt. That is when I decided researching religion would become mine. I figured if there really was a merciful "Supreme Creator," it would understand why I chose this path rather than continue having faith in priests who would cast me out as a sinner...or try to seduce me...or a Pope 
who would damn me for using permanent birth control after giving birth to five beautiful children 
I had to support and educate.

It's been a very long and interesting path I was inspired to research with detours into every aspect of Biblical, Pagan, Hindu, Christian, and every other religion known to man and written about. It was way  before computers I began my research so I used the library extensively. Somewhere in there I ran across a comment stating Astrology was the oldest religion known to man and that fascinated me. Mostly because the Catholic Church  "condemned" the flock for having anything to do with it. So of course, I dove right in with both feet once I found there was a lot written about it in history and most ancient religions including all Native American's.

 I was compelled to search all the places those unfaithful priest of my past had told me not to go near. As part of the research I ordered my personal natal horoscope which is based on the exact location and moment of your birth. I was curious to see what they had to say about me knowing nothing of who I was. I was simply amazed at how accurate they described my personality and traits...the good and the not so good. 

In ancient times people found their faith in the stars, yet present day Astrologers are often accused of lack of belief in religious values and, in some cases, have even been mistaken for witches and regarded as extremely dangerous. I'm sure this is because there are so many unscrupulous fakes out there scamming folks for money telling distraught people what they want to hear...exactly like some religions do. I guess the Pope thought all astrologers were fakes and that's why he 
considered it the "work of the devil." Hum.

 Fortunately, after I quit believing in the Pope I quit believing in the devil. It simply no longer made sense that a reasonable God

who would create humanity would also create a devil to 
tempt it and an eternal hell to punish it in.

Many Astrologers, like many scientists, are immensely spiritual, and the subject can certainly be argued that it is just another piece of the Universal Puzzle. Astrology is built on the very simple philosophy, "As above, so below". It is not meant to take away from religious or moral values, but to enhance them, and those who study it tell us that not only does it aid understanding, but leads us forward 
into closer study of the meaning of life and,
 indeed, our spiritual purpose...
and why each of us is unique in respect to that purpose.
Someone of real faith should not be threatened by other's beliefs because they should be secure in their own but many theists are not secure in what they can't prove. In a number of religions, past and present, Astrology has been looked upon as a necessary tool to enhance our spiritual growth.

We all approach life in different ways. We are all unique, but most are the same in our unwavering search for the truth. Some accept things on blind faith, others don't, but, it may be well worth examining other opinions more closely before dismissing them as having no merit.

A few quotes from my lengthy natal horoscope:

"The sign that you were born under referred to as your sun sign is of the most significance. It indicates your basic traits and points out the areas that are of the most importance to you. The planets are the indicators of how you will go about acquiring your goals and attaining your desires in life."

"At the time of your birth the sun was in the sign of Pisces. The sign of Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune. You are so sensitive Pisces. You are intuitive and possible psychic. These traits can be very beneficial to you but only when you are not emotionally involved with a person."

Well...crud! When have I not been 
emotionally involved 
with a person? 

"You will learn all there is about things that interest you. You will cope with the details as well as the over all picture.  At times your thinking will be so deep and intense it can bring on bouts of depression. You need to develop a sense of humor."

Oh hell yes I had to!

"It could be that you are very intelligent, but the full advantage of the intellect is not used until well after maturity."

I'm still waiting to take full advantage. :)

"You should have no problem concentrating. It is important that you broaden the mind and pay attention to new concepts."

I still reading other religious opinions on blogs. Oh my! I thought confirmed theists could be radical...

but confirmed atheist's can be also. Agnostics seem to
be less so and I feel that's where I fit best...admitting I
simply don't know the truth and can't 
find it written anywhere.

"You could possess talent in music or writing. This is indicated so strongly that you can gain financially through your talents."

Hum...eleven years of piano lessons, thousands of pieces of tear stained paper with heart wrenching words typed and tossed in the garbage, and a published memoir I titled "Confessions Of A Crazy Fox"
..and the financial gain?... I'm sure, was much less
than what was spent. Oh well, never did any of it for money"
I named my memoir that because when I didn't agree with my older brother and he would call me "crazy," Daddy would smile and often remark, "Yep Jim...Anna Marie is crazy all right, crazy like a better leave your sister alone...
she has a mind of her own and you are not going to 
change it once she makes it up."
Daddy, Jim & I, 1940.

"Violence and words of anger upset you more than most people"

" usually tends to make me want to write those who commit it and tell them exactly 

how I feel about it. I have written a few spicy letters along my path and I admit...frustrated anger inspired the memoir."
My sun sign is so apropos...quite often I have no idea what
 direction to swim in next.

I hadn't taken out my natal horoscope in over a decade and it inspired me to write this post about Astrology. It goes though each phase of what each planet was in conjuncture with what, and what house, etc...and what it all  indicates as for who I am...the positive and negative influences of the Universe directly over my head 
at the moment of my birth. 

I realized after browsing through it again, and once again being surprised at how close to the mark it comes, if I had taken the advice it gave, I would probably have taken a much less bumpy and wiser road than the one I traveled. I'm not sure

that would have resolved any of my "brother" problems or not. Seems we were born destined to disagree, though we were both born in the exact same spot on the exact same bed three years on the first day of Spring...him on Thanksgiving.

 Oh well, I'm hoping I still have a few more interesting
paths to take seeking knowledge. It appears from what the Astrologers wrote to have been my destiny. 

Now I'm wondering if is was "impossible" to avoid those unfaithful priests I encountered who steered me on to this 
unpredictable path of potholes and remarkable revelations...maybe it was written in the stars I make this unpredictable zig-zag "religious" journey that would lead me to a comfy Agnostic point of view... admitting the truth of where all this marvelous and miraculous creation came from is not written anywhere by any man nor is there any script written and signed by any "god" anywhere on earth that can be authenticated . 
It doesn't really matter. 
I finally found the peace I went searching for.
I thank whatever "God" may be for that blessing.

Italy-2002...The year my research formally ended and I began my memoir.
I found answers that had alluded me in the last place I
ever expected to...The lavish Vatican. 


DMS said...

The Vatican has always amazed me and I am glad that it is a place that gave you peace and understanding.

I loved this post and it gave me a lot to think about. I have found that there are more things at play in the world than we realize. Getting your astrology done sounds fascinating.

Thanks for sharing. If we open our minds we can gain so much!

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Jess...yes indeed, the Vatican is an amazing museum and it's varied history even more thought provoking.

The natal horoscope and Astrology is interesting. There are so many aspects to what life is all about I am still discovering that cause one to wonder at the nature of it all. It's certainly enough wonder to last a number of lifetimes. :)

Jill Paterson said...

I'd love to get my astrology done, Anna. It's always fascinated me.
Interesting too that your search ended at the Vatican. A very thought provoking post!

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Jill! I'm sure there are a number of astrology associations online that do natal horoscopes. I can't remember where I found the one I used since it was before personal computers.

The Vatican is the place it all seemed to come together for me...after I viewed Michelangelo's masterpieces and knew of his tormented background concerning the Popes.


I have to agree with a lot of your personal findings, Anna. I think as long as we're human beings on this earth, there will continue to be more mystery than there ever is revelation. To think otherwise is pompous delusion. The older I become the more comfortable I feel with this uncertainty, trusting that there is a supreme, benevolent creator and that loving our fellow man to the best of our ability is what s/he desires of us. How simple, right? (Too bad that priest missed the boat.)

Anna Maria said... of my favorite authors, Ralph Waldo Emerson, once said, "Knowledge is knowing we cannot know."

I truly believe that about God.

I do believe, as you say, loving humanity to the best of our ability is certainly the most reasonable approach to peace on earth.