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This past week on social media has been very dismal with all
the grief over "Cecil" being debated vehemently, changing normally kind and loving folks into vengeful and unforgiving... so thought I would share some examples of what I can appreciate that makes me smile and thankful 
without having to debate it. 

I'm adding a photo I took about 16 years ago and posted on Facebook the day we lost our beloved grandson's first pet that instilled his love of animals and choice of careers. She can still bring tears to my eyes when I look at this because I picked her out of the litter for him and she was so happy when I put her in his arms she licked his face all the way home...and for the next 15 years.

Love and Kindness As Only The Very Young Comprehend


Stephanie Faris said...

I love these! Last winter when everyone was posting pictures of frostbitten dogs to remind people to bring their dogs inside when it's cold, I took a similar approach to this. I took a picture of my dog in her coat, looking all cute, and put that I wanted to remind everyone to "embarrass their dogs" because it's cold outside! I put in the comments that we should take a POSITIVE approach and show all the spoiled dogs, rather than always showing the tortured ones.

Anna Maria said...

Thanks Stephanie! An old high school friend sent me these on a very stressful day and they immediately cheered me up and relieved the tension....and I totally agree about showing animals that are well cared for and keeping a positive attitude. We can't shut out all the animal and human abuse that goes on around the world every day but we can help when we are able and keep a positive and grateful attitude about what we do have control over.

DMS said...

What a breath of fresh air. Looking at kids and animals is a great way to start smiling. I like trying to spread positive messages. :)

Sometimes we have to look at sad things and things we need to take a stance on, but often people (on social media) are taking a stance and spreading information before they have thought about it, researched, thought about it again, thought of a way to express themselves, etc. I see so many things on various topics that people just flung out into the universe to stir up trouble. I look the other way, but I know it starts a lot of online arguing and sharing of false information (this is reminding me of a receipt I saw online today that was getting shared and most likely not true after looking closely at it).

Thanks for spreading the love. I love the facial expressions on some of those kiddos and thanks for sharing a special personal photo with us. :)

Anna Maria said...

Thank you Jess. No matter what color their hair or skin is, children are beautiful no matter what they are wearing or look like. Pair them with animals or birds and you can't help but feel everything is going to be alright.

There are so many tragedy's in this world that go unnoticed every day but it seems the controversial ones are the ones folks post on social media knowing they are going to get some "likes" and some negative debate and sometimes I wish they would just put a "dislike" button up instead of a comment section and keep it all in perspective. We all have our feelings about things based on our own reasons and no one is going to change anyone's mind on Facebook.

Some went ballistic when several posted the brother of the lion was also shot by a hunter...that was false information someone started to keep the controversy going...and boy did it. It was that photo of my grandson that came up on FB to remind me I had posted it three years ago that inspired me to post these sweet photos and add his.

He has worked at a neighborhood Pet Resort since Jr. High on weekends and during the summer and is now a Jr. at Texas A & M majoring in Ag Leadership and will most likely become an Ag teacher....he got into FFA and raising market swine in high school and those teachers really inspired him to choose that field. Grandma has no doubt he will be excellent at it. :)